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Web Hosting

From affordable to advanced managed website hosting, including expert level maintenance, service and security – we offer you worry-free solutions to fit your budget and your needs.

Web Design

Whether you need a website built from scratch, or your current website is in need of a serious redesign, look no further – Erawatech will work with you and make it happen quickly and affordably.

Consultation and Training

If you need expert technical advice on decisions that affect your business or organization, Erawatech can provide the support you need to make confident technology choices.

Productivity Suites

When you need administration, implementation, and training for productivity suites, we can help you get started with Google Workspace© or Microsoft 365© platforms.

Infrastructure Projects

From small to sophisticated network infrastructure projects, we have serious chops where it comes to requirements gathering to implementation – let’s get your project started!

Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson

Erawatech provided an excellent redesign/reimagining of our old, clunky website. His expertise, creative suggestions and attention to detail on the layout, framing, and content of our site have been extremely helpful for enabling us to provide clients with a clearer picture of our work. James was accessible for technical support, responded quickly to requests, and provided creative suggestions to enhance our site and make it more interactive. I highly recommend his work!

Compassion. Empathy. Peace.

Erawatech is at its core a values-driven organization. If you are part of a nonprofit organization, we will offer you lower rates for all of our services – web hosting, web design, consultations, and more. The path to your solution will be accessible and peaceful.

Our Nonprofit Clients include:

Andrew L. Seidel

I needed a new website, but I know nothing about design, hosting, or, well, anything. Even the thought of figuring it out was misery. Thankfully, I found Erawatech. They made the process fast, easy, and, most importantly, painless. Erawatech saved me massive frustration and countless hours. Quick, easy, professional, easy, affordable, easy, knowledgeable, and (did I mention?) easy. Erawatech saved this non-techie—I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Erawatech is at the ready!

  • No judgment.

    We will not judge you - we will work with anyone at any level of technical skill.

  • Safety and Security.

    Our expertise in secure solutions and learning opportunities is above the rest.

  • Peaceful solutions

    We strive to provide frustration-free support.

  • Budget conscious

    All contracts with Erawatech are transparent - no hidden fees, no nonses.