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At Community Care Systems, he wore many hats — developer, consultant, project manager, systems and network administrator — and specialized in technical solutions for at-risk and special needs populations. He was at the forefront of creating cutting-edge cloud-based information systems that supported innovative behavioral healthcare models.

  • He was part of a team that designed and managed the Children Come First Program of Dane County.
  • He was a direct contributor for starting Wraparound Milwaukee, a system of care for children with serious emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs and their families.
  • He worked as an onsite consultant for New Ventures LLC and La Causa to create ground-breaking pilot programs, and Public/Private Ventures for foster care systems. His involvement included custom, detailed data analytics with a focus on “what works”.
  • He traveled the country as a consultant and project manager to help seed county-based Wraparound program implementations, including: San Diego County (CA), Hennepin County (MN), Cook County (IL), and Oneida County (NY).


Erawatech’s proprietor worked for Willy Street Co-op as the Director of Information Technology until December 2017. In this role, James oversaw a staff of IT specialists, and supported five facilities across Madison and Middleton, Wisconsin. He was responsible for three retail grocery sites and two additional locations (offsite deli and bakery production, and administrative offices). The responsibilities of that role included:

  • Complex Telecommunications systems implementation and support
  • Installation and maintenance of on-premise fiber optic solutions (through Spectrum Business®)
  • Network and Systems administration
  • Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, including hardware, software, databases, and analytics
  • E-Commerce implementation and support
  • Website development and maintenance

James also served as a general Project Manager for large construction projects, including Willy North, and was awarded the North Star Award “honoring the unsung heroes of the Northside” by the Northside Planning Council (NPC) in October 2016. He was a founding member of the co-op’s initial committee for diversity, equity and inclusion. James is a Qualified Administrator of the IDI, as well as having certifications in Leadership for Inclusivity, and Facilitating By Heart.

Photo by James Phetteplace. The day before opening the doors for the first time to Willy Street North.

James was the Director of IT for FFRF, a nonprofit educational organization that serves as a watchdog for the separation of church and state. In this role, he was responsible for all technology needs for the organization. James designed and maintained several websites under the FFRF umbrella.

Professional Certifications

He is much more than just a technology expert – his professional certifications include:

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Why the name “Erawatech”?

(pronounced: air-ah-wah-tek)

When I was coming up with company name ideas, I started with Olive (my daughter) and the symbol of the Olive Branch (for peace). 

I found a random reference to the phonetic spelling of olive branch in ancient Macedonian. It roughly came out as erawa

It’s a fortunate coincidence that erawa spelled backwards is aware.