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Mike M.
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My business evolved to the point where I wanted an "official" website and I contemplated trying to make my own. I quickly realized website design is not a language I speak but fortunately I crossed paths with James. Not only did he quickly & efficiently help me get a website set up but he did it with care and professionalism beyond what I could have expected. He also had a lot of fantastic ideas to help obtain & add content to my page. I know James does a lot more than just website design with Erawatech and I will certainly be reaching out to him again when I want assistance with his skill set. Thank you, James!
Carol B.
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I used to build and host web sites, but as a graphic designer I don't want to be bothered with all the tech background, security concerns, and acronyms involved. I moved my sites to Erawatech and trust James to keep everything safe, as well as using the most modern tools to ensure the sites don't just work but impress. Now I can just focus on message and marketing and leave the tech to James. Perfect.
Chris L.
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I love everything about my website and the support I have received from James. I am glad I decided to work with Erawatech instead of trying to build a website on my own.Now I can just focus on message and marketing and leave the tech to James. Perfect.
Ali M.
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Responsive and helpful. Erawatech successfully set up our entire tech suit and followed up with us regularly to ensure we had the support we needed. Very grateful James Phetteplace for always being available to make our lives a little easier:)