Top 5 Website Mistakes

Top 5 Website Mistakes I Encounter

February 19, 2024

Many of my new clients already have websites, and are either seeking to rebuild their existing sites, or they need help fixing any problems or errors they are experiencing. Here are the top 5 website mistakes I encounter when conducting reviews of existing sites:

Top 5 Website Mistakes

  1. No security
    • This is the most critical problem, and usually the easiest one to solve. There are many free security plugins available that provide at least minimum security protections. You simply cannot operate a website these days without some form of security, or you are guaranteed to be hacked at some point.
  2. No backups
    • This is another critical problem. If something goes wrong with your site, you need backups. Most website hosting platforms provide free automated backups, but they have to be configured. It is not uncommon for me to find out a client uses a host offering the service, but they never turned it on.
  3. No documentation
    • Often, clients struggle to access their own accounts for domain registration and/or web hosting due to a lack of documentation. They rely on their memory, and then when it’s time for them to regain access, they don’t know how. This information needs to be documented in a safe (but accessible) storage location for when it is needed.
  4. Domain registration auto-renew feature is not activated
    • I have experienced situations where clients failed to renew their domain registration, and as a result, it expires and then someone else buys it out from under them. This is a very big problem, especially if you have a well-established website that has been around for years. You can’t redirect traffic to a new domain effectively since you no longer own the old domain. Your organization can suffer severe reputational damage from losing your domain. To add, this typically comes along with the failure to enable “expiration protection” for your domain. Again, these kind of features are usually included by domain registrars for no additional charges.
  5. SSL Certificates are not configured to auto-renew
    • SSL Certificates are a requirement for modern websites, along with enforcing HTTPS. If you allow your SSL certificates to expire, visitors to your website may not be able to open it at all. At bare minimum, browsers will warn visitors that the site is not secure.


Those are the top five most common (and most serious) website mistakes that I come across on a very regular basis. There are many more concerns that I also witness, such as out-of-date plugins, website themes and templates that are not responsive on mobile devices, along with accessibility issues. For example, if you have very small white text on top of a light color, it makes it nearly impossible to read. Though these issues are definitely worth investigating and fixing, they are not nearly as critical as having a website with no security and privacy.

Erawatech offers managed hosting packages for this very reason – most small organizations have no IT footprint, and do not have the time or expertise to address these concerns. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your site will be in good hands. We would take care of all of these concerns for you as part of our services agreement, along with many other enhancements. Though you may think you are saving some money by purchasing an ultra-cheap hosting service, you are missing out on critical website components that have the potential of ruining your online presence, and result in serious reputational harm.

With technology, in my experience, you get what you pay for. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to Erawatech. Thank you for reading!