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Why Choose Us?

We’re not just web developers; we’re partners in your mission.

Our expertise in working with nonprofits means we know how to create websites that not only look great but also drive donations, recruit volunteers, and make a lasting impact. Let us help you create a digital presence that’s as dynamic and passionate as the work you do.

Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson

Erawatech provided an excellent redesign/reimagining of our old, clunky website. His expertise, creative suggestions and attention to detail on the layout, framing, and content of our site have been extremely helpful for enabling us to provide clients with a clearer picture of our work. James was accessible for technical support, responded quickly to requests, and provided creative suggestions to enhance our site and make it more interactive. I highly recommend his work!

Erawatech understands nonprofits

We understand that nonprofit organizations are driven by purpose, not profit.

That’s why we offer specialized web design, development, and managed hosting services tailored specifically for nonprofits to amplify their impact, while reducing the amount of work you have on your plate. Here’s how we make a difference:

  • Nonprofit-Focused Discounts: We believe in your mission, and we support it by offering exclusive discounts to nonprofit organizations. This makes professional web services more accessible, helping you allocate more resources towards your cause.
  • Customizable Nonprofit Websites: Our websites are crafted with nonprofits in mind, featuring elements that are crucial for your operations, such as donation forms, event calendars, and volunteer sign-up forms. Even more, Erawatech can give you worry-free managed web hosting so you can spend your time on your mission and less time fussing around with technology.
  • Free Initial Consultations: Start your journey with us at no cost. Our free consultations are designed to understand your unique needs and challenges, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly aligned with your goals.
  • Ongoing Support and Training: We don’t just build your site and step away. We provide continuous support and training for your team to ensure you can maximize the use of your new website. Our dedicated support means you’re never alone in your digital journey.

Maximize Your Reach and Inclusivity with SEO and Accessibility

Accessible Web Design - Accessibility

We believe that a great website should be discoverable and accessible to everyone.

Our commitment to SEO and web accessibility ensures that your nonprofit’s website not only reaches a wider audience but is also usable by everyone, aligning with your mission of inclusivity.

  • SEO Best Practices: We employ the latest SEO strategies to enhance your website’s visibility on search engines. From optimizing keywords relevant to your mission to improving site structure for better indexing, we ensure your site is found by those who need your services the most.

  • Accessibility Compliance: We design your website with accessibility in mind, adhering to the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This includes providing text alternatives for non-text content, making it navigable through keyboard controls, and ensuring it is easily understandable and operable.

  • Inclusive Design: Our approach goes beyond technical compliance. We focus on inclusive design principles that ensure your website provides a seamless experience for users with varied disabilities. This includes readable fonts, color contrast for visibility, and adaptive user interface elements for enhanced interaction.

  • Regular Audits and Updates: The digital landscape is always evolving, and so are the standards for SEO and accessibility. We conduct regular audits of your website to ensure it remains compliant with the latest guidelines and continues to perform well in search engine rankings.

Why is this important?

By prioritizing SEO and accessibility, your nonprofit not only broadens its reach but also demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity, a core value that resonates with donors, volunteers, and the communities you serve. Let us help you build a website that is as accessible and impactful as your mission.

Expert Integration with Nonprofit CRM Platforms

We specialize in seamless integrations with leading nonprofit CRM platforms, ensuring that your website functions as a dynamic hub for your fundraising, communications, and volunteer management efforts. Our deep expertise with these tools means we can tailor a solution that fits perfectly with your operational needs.

  • Custom CRM Integrations:

    We understand that every nonprofit has unique needs. That’s why we offer custom integration services for a variety of CRM platforms, including Bloomerang, GiveWP, Neon, and more. We ensure that your website and CRM work in harmony, enhancing your ability to manage relationships, track engagements, and increase fundraising efforts efficiently.

  • Data-Driven Strategies:

    With our integrations, your website becomes a powerful tool for data collection and analysis. We help you leverage this data to gain insights into donor behavior, optimize your marketing campaigns, and improve overall engagement with your audience.

  • Streamlined Donor Experiences:

    We design your website to provide smooth donor experiences. From the moment they land on your page to the completion of a donation, every step is integrated with your CRM to ensure that donor information is captured accurately and securely, facilitating better follow-ups and sustained engagement.

  • Training and Support:

    Understanding your CRM’s full capabilities can be daunting. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for your team to maximize the use of the integrated system, empowering you to manage it with confidence and ease.

Ready for a digital solution? Get in touch.

Your nonprofit is contributing to the social good, and Erawatech is ready to partner with you! Maybe your current website needs a refresh, or a complete rebuild; maybe you don’t have a digital presence today – Erawatech can help you get your nonprofit the visibility you need to raise donations, publish and promote fundraising events, and have your voice heard.

At Erawatech, we don’t just build websites; we create digital experiences that connect, engage, and convert. Our approach is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring your website isn’t just another URL lost in the vastness of the internet. 

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